As the board and staff of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation goes about its work of supporting students within the Detroit Public Schools, we do so with a set of beliefs which guide our efforts and decisions. At the center of our work is a commitment to ensure that a quality education is delivered as a right for every child, and that education represents his or her pathway to a fulfilling life.

We also believe that:

  • All children can learn. They may learn differently, but given the opportunity and the necessary support they will each reach their full potential.
  • A solid early childhood education is the foundation for future academic success.
  • Children will rise to meet high expectations when adults challenge them to do so.
  • Art, music, and athletics are necessary components of a holistic education.
  • Experiences outside of the classroom and outside of their daily lives will open a world of possibilities for students.
  • Education must be preparation for living in a global society, as well as preparation for post- secondary study, and the world of work.
  • A quality education for every student is directly related to the character of the teaching and learning interaction.
  • Ensuring a high quality education for every child is everyone’s responsibility. Parents, teachers, administrators, community members, and business partners all have a stake in educating every child.

These beliefs focus our priorities and help us to tell the story of the many ways that the Foundation impacts the schools. The support that we receive from so many segments of the community confirms that our beliefs are those of many of you. For this we thank you.