Camp Burt Shurly

Children growing up in the City of Detroit rarely leave their inner-city neighborhood and get into the outdoors of greater Michigan. While our state is known for its state parks, Great Lakes coastlines, and inland lakes, few youth from Detroit ever have a chance to visit these places. According to a recent report by the Outdoor Foundation, about 70% of children in America who engage in outdoor recreation are white, revealing an “adventure gap” for inner-city, African American and minority youth.

Whether the visit there is a six-day summer camp, day retreat, Cultural Passport program or weekend overnight, the impact of Camp Burt Shurly is key to helping children develop a lifelong love and enthusiasm for the outdoors. More often than not, children will carry these experiences into adulthood, where they help shape a healthy lifestyle that revolves around being active outdoors. Experiences and activities at Camp Burt Shurly help children better understand the importance of physical fitness, conservation, and the role that nature plays in helping them become healthy, confident, and less-stressed individuals. Camp experiences, such as paddling canoes and wall climbing, also require teamwork and problem solving, which teach youth of all ages to work well with others, treat one another with respect, and become better leaders.

In order for Camp Burt Shurly to reach its fullest potential and impact as many DPSCD students with these important activities and experiences as possible, both during the school year and during the summer, additional investments must be made in the infrastructure, utilities, as well as new and existing structures. Please give to this important cause!

Contact either Pamela J. Moore, President & CEO ( for information on how to donate.