The DPS Foundation is excited to have the opportunity to support the build of a Tiny House by students at the Randolph Career and Technical Center. Tiny houses are an emerging housing option that uses minimal, highly efficient and effective spaces. It offers an opportunity for individuals to think about what is essential in their environment, and what is, in fact, clutter.

Funded with a donation from Quicken Loans/Rock Ventures, the DPS Foundation is supporting the building of such a structure. Students will participate in all aspects of the build, beginning with design, construction, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. Working with partners in the skilled trades, the students will complete a structure that will be ready for occupancy.

On March 23 the design unveiling occurred at the school. We will be sharing with you photos of the project as it proceeds. We are pleased to be able to support this real world educational opportunity for DPS Students.