Founded in 1917, the Detroit Children’s Museum is the nation’s third oldest children’s museum.

During the last couple of years, we have proudly provided the beautiful children of the Detroit Public Schools over 150,000 highly enriching, cross-curricular learning experiences in the form of field trips to the museum (buses are also provided), outreach experiences (we visit their schools), and through the loaning of some of our almost 2 million historical artifacts to DPS educators for their use in enriching the learning experiences of our children.

With the full support of the Detroit Public Schools, the DPS Office of Science, and The DPS Foundation, we have also provided Family Saturday events.  Each event had a special theme, like ‘Family Gardening’, for example, and provided an opportunity for our families to enjoy learning with their children in a fun and safe manner.

Recently, the Detroit Children’s Museum was able to provide 3 weeks of Summer Camp Programming- Camp Invention, where DPS children learned about numerous inventors and their inventions.  They explored activities and engaged in lessons that helped them to develop a sense of how things work.  As a culminating activity, the children built their own inventions and showcased these to their families while competing in a healthy and safe way against other campers.

At this time the Detroit Children’s Museum is ONLY open to DPS schools.

For any questions about the Detroit Children’s Museum or for more information regarding what we do, please call 313 873 8100.

With your support, we could expand our services for our clients, the amazing children of the Detroit Public Schools.  Thank you.