My name is Kristin Shaw, I grew up in Michigan and work in marketing in downtown Detroit at Cobo Center. I am a graduate of Wayne State University and live in Midtown Detroit.I have seen the teachers and worked with children of DPS, and felt compelled to do something. I live, work and go to school in Detroit, and although I am not a parent now, I hope to raise a family here one day.

I decided to take action, and was able to raise $1500 through crowd-funding site, GoFundMe and collected hundreds of tangible donations from generous donors. Through social media, and word of mouth, I was able to reach 3x my goal of $500 and donate over 8,000 items in 32 containers to DPS Foundation on May 2, 2016.

I know that with the recent light on the district that new policies are being discussed to fix the existing issues challenging Detroit Public Schools. I also know that these policies wont affect some of the students in the schools now. This is why I chose to collect books, office, art and cleaning supplies for current DPS classrooms.

Children deserve to learn in clean, safe and constructive environments, and although these classroom care packages won’t reach through the district, I am proud knowing it will reach a handful of teachers and many students.

I couldn’t have done it without the help and support of my volunteers (Jon Adams, Lauren & Andrea Shaw, Ryan Baine, Austin Moir, Hannah Drozdowski, Greg DeSandy, Bri Vallesky, Jill Lubas, Amber Devlen, Geoff Geist, Anthony Depollo) GM Cares, Woodbridge Pub and OCC bookstore.

Thank you for your very kind donation Kristin Shaw. Your generosity will make an great difference for DPS students.