The annualPernickPrizes (3) in Mathematics, Medicine, and Public Service offers a non-renewable $15,000 award that recognizes the outstanding achievement of a DPSCD high school student in the indicated field.The prizemay be used to further the recipients’ educational pursuits or work in their respective fields.  


ThePernickPrizeswere generously endowed by and named for Dr. Nathaniel L.Pernick(MD), a pathologist and former Detroit Public Schools Foundation board member. Dr. Pernick is an ardent champion of education, particularly math and science education. His parents, both graduates of DPS, instilled in him the importance of public service and the need to participate in community concerns. He believes that DPSCD students deserve financial support for their educational goals and career pursuits. Prestigious prizes such as these showcase DPSCD as a vessel for excellent public education, providing generous resources to guide students toward excellence. This generous prize exemplifies the dedication and commitment of Dr. Pernick, who believes that all students should be afforded equal opportunity, mentoring, and resources needed to achieve their academic dreams.  


The Pernick Prize application requirements include:  

  • Must be enrolled in DPSCD High School (All HS students (9-12) are welcome to apply!) 
  • Must be nominated by a DPSCD teacher, counselor, or principal  
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA; must provide a copy of a transcript  
  • Students will be required to submit a portfolio or collection of outstanding achievements; examples include STEM coursework, interviews, recommendations, and service work that uses math, medicine, or public service to address challenges within our community 
  • Students will showcase why they deserve this award through an in-person presentation to the Pernick Prize Selection Committee. Presentations should include the following:  
    1. Exemplary progress in math, science/medicine, or a public service program or activity:   
    2. Successful competition in a program-related event or contest (local, regional, state, or national)  
    3. Showcase leadership in a related student organization through active recruitment, mentorship, or school-based contributions   
    4. Your goals for the future: Do you aspire to work in math, medicine, or public service as a career? How do you plan to achieve such goals?  
    5. How do you intend to utilize the prize funds?  


All documents need to be submitted in PDF format. 
For more information, please visit DPSFDN.ORG