In 2017, our President and CEO, Pamela Moore, received a surprise phone call from Roslyn Karamoko, the Founder and CEO of the Detroit fashion company Détroit Is The New Black. During this phone call, Roslyn expressed her passion for giving back to the community and her desire to support public education. After hearing the various needs in Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD), Roslyn decided to support the district by donating funds to go towards new uniforms. As a fashion designer who works with clothes every day, this cause particular spoke to Roslyn.

“It’s such a blessing to be able to use my business as a vehicle to bring resources to DPSCD. I believe the future of Detroit can be changed through education and it has to start with our children. Thank you DPS Foundation for the opportunity.” – Roslyn Karamoko

In May of 2018, this phone conversation came to fruition when Roslyn donated $2500 to the Foundation. The Foundation used this money to fulfill a grant request at Mumford High School, which supplied the school with 57 new polo shirts and khaki pants. This November, Roslyn joined us for a site visit to Mumford to see the impact of her donation. We learned how these uniforms met a crucial need, and got to see the students who benefited from these uniforms engaged in classrooms throughout the school.

While many of these students likely find it hard to be excited about their polos and khakis, it is important to note that these uniforms provide access to the classroom, where they have the opportunity to study the subjects that they are passionate about. Roslyn’s uniform donation opened that door!