Maybury Principal Kathleen Keenmon received the Spirit of Detroit Award on Tuesday, May 10. Principal Keenmon was honored with the award by Detroit City Councilwoman Raquel Castañeda-López.

Good citizenship is a core principle at Detroit Public Schools and something we often like to acknowledge publicly when students are seen demonstrating an act of kindness. Serving as role models to our students, school administrators and staff members is a substantial influence on how our students behave and act, so it is equally important that we call attention to one of our educators when they go above and beyond in support of our community.

Recently, one of our principals brought peace and comfort to a hectic situation with children in need. Kathleen Keenmon, acting principal of Maybury Elementary, was driving home after school when she spotted a fire just a block from the building. There were two children (ages 4 and 5) alone and scared as their mother was being tended to by the responding ambulance. Kathleen stopped and spoke to the children, providing care and comfort as they waited to be reunited with their mother. A child’s fear can be quelled simply by the warm words of a concerned bystander, and we commend Kathleen on providing the compassion and kindness these children needed in that moment.

After receiving gratitude from the mother and informing her of her career, the children’s mother informed Kathleen that she will be enrolling her children in Maybury Elementary for next school year.