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I attended john Marshall Elementary, Nolan Middle School and Pershing High School.  I received all of my education until I went to college at Wayne State University in the Detroit Public Schools.  DPS set the standard back in those days and kids enjoyed attending school and the teachers enjoyed teaching.[/column] [clear]

I remember at Nolan Middle School, our history teacher told us about the brewing unrest in Vietnam, and this was back in the ‘50’s way before the Vietnam War.  Ms. Bickler was the Latin teacher and she inspired my love of different languages.  In fact at Wayne State University, I minored in Spanish.  I enjoyed all of my subjects and was a good student.

My lifelong organizational skills, and dedication to service was also sparked while a student in Detroit Public Schools.  Each summer I worked either at the city of Detroit Civil Service Commission or the Health Department, which was located in the old Receiving Hospital.  I learned about radio production too while at Pershing High School and while at Wayne State, worked at WDET, prior to the station becoming a National Public Radio affiliate.  My communication skills that I mastered in the Detroit Public Schools came in handy while working at WDET.  I interviewed Orville Hubbard, the former Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan.

My experience at Detroit Public Schools provided me with the foundation to achieve my goals.  I made lifelong friends during my time at DPS and some of us still get together annually.

We got a quality education and the teachers took pride in making sure that their students achieved their highest and best potential.  I enjoyed my days as a student of DPS immensely and wish that today’s kids could experience the fun and to have the same quality education that I did and with continued support of organizations like the Detroit Public Schools Foundation, we can all make sure future generations enjoy and benefit from all that DPS has to offer.