Reading is fundamental. We have all heard the phrase and we all understand it at an unconscious level. However, we do not frequently think about what it means for those who cannot read. We do not often meet people who cannot read. We do not talk about how the lives of non-readers are different than our own.

The DPS Office of Literacy is focused full time on ensuring that students in our schools are effective and efficient readers. Professional development for teachers, classroom libraries, spelling bees, book give aways and more are the opportunities they offer, which impact the reading levels of our students.

The DPS Foundation is pleased to partner with multiple donors who assist in ensuring that there are books in our children’s hands. We understand that students cannot learn history, math, economics, chemistry, English, or any other subject if they cannot read. Starting in our pre-K classrooms, we are helping to provide the resources necessary for the teaching and learning which results in a person who can read and thus create a successful future for themselves.