Some people might ask “what makes Cass Tech better than any other DPS High School?” Well as a current junior at Cass Tech I should be able to provide you with any information that you need. Since I was about 10 years old I’ve been excited to go to high school and my choice would be to go to Cass Tech. Cass Tech offers a very welcoming experience to everyone. This school offers not only the total learning experience but also teachers who don’t just teach you but listen, comfort, and are there for their students. Some see Cass Tech as a “bad” school because of things in the past but we are much more than that and it has nothing to do with the value of the school.

Cass Tech is home to over 2,300 students. Cass has a curriculum for any and every interest that a student may have. Any career you plan on taking on in the future will be supported by Cass Tech’s programs. For example if you have an interest in medicine, business, or technology we have a class for you. Along with the different curriculums we offer several clubs and organizations that conform to each individual person. Do you like video games? Cass has a club for you! Maybe you loved taking “selfies”; there is a club for you! Everything you can think of is offered at Cass.

Along with are great curriculums, there are higher educational classes that Cass Tech offers. Wayne County Community College offers the students at Cass Tech duel enrollment classes throughout the year. This gives students an opportunity to take college courses in high school that will potentially advance you two years in college and earn their associates degree before graduating high school. Cass Tech has recently become an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, therefore they are now offering IB courses as well as AP and regular courses. Cass Tech always takes the challenge when it comes to showcasing their students excellence and wisdom.

Cass Tech is not all work and no play though. We are nationally known for our phenomenal back-to-back state championship and consecutive city championship winning football team. We have a great girls and boys basketball team. Cass Tech’s Girls basketball team recently earned a city championship. Cass Tech is a school of excellence with excellent athletic history but athletics is not all we have to offer, our hard work and intelligence is what makes us great athletes. Choose Cass Technical High School as the high school for you.

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[column type=”2/3″ last=”true”] Ta’Mia Morrissette
Cass Tech Junior (DPSF Intern)