I have been involved with the Detroit Public Schools for many years, serving as a mentor and tutor to students of all ages. One of my memorable experiences was tutoring a 14-year-old student in mathematics, my favorite subject. She was having a hard time grasping fractions. We worked together once a week for about five months when one afternoon she shouted, “Ms. Forte, I got it, I got it!” We sat down and sure enough, fractions had become her friends.

Investing in students and providing a quality education are crucial for the revitalization of our city. At Comerica, supporting education is a priority. We do this through scholarships, internships, mentoring and community involvement.  Most recently, we established the Transportation Fund for the Detroit Public Schools Foundation to provide field trips to students. Learning occurs both inside and outside the classroom. Together with the DPS Foundation we want students to have the opportunity to reach new and exciting opportunities through knowledge.

The Transportation Fund also served as the kick-off for the DPS Foundation’s Annual Appeal Campaign, which raises funds for programs and activities to benefit students. It’s a powerful opportunity for other organizations to get involved to help shape the future leaders of Detroit.

When I meet with students I’m often asked, “Why did I decide to become a banker?” It’s simple.  I love numbers, problem solving and working with people in the community. I ask them what they enjoy and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Through the DPS Foundation we can support those dreams.