[column type=”1/4″]  [/column] [column type=”3/4″ last=”true”] Dear Friends,

In 2002 when a group of us committed to join forces in support of the Detroit Public Schools by forming an independent DPS Foundation, I had no idea that I would be engaged for more than a dozen years. Over these years I have been proud of the work that we have accomplished, and the positive impact we have had on the education of Detroit youth.[/column] [clear]

Starting something new is always a challenge. Sustaining and growing an organization is even more difficult. However, with my board colleagues and the staff, we have built a Foundation with a stellar reputation, a strong staff, a compelling mission, and a bright future. Serving as the chair of the board throughout this developmental period has been my honor and one of the joys of my volunteer commitments.

With the close of this current academic year, and the recent focus on K12 education, the time is right for me to retire from my board leadership role. I am confident that the Foundation is poised to continue to grow and play an ever more important role in the local educational landscape. Thus, I am comfortable with my decision to turn the reins over to others who will carry on the work. I will continue to support DPS schools in every way possible, and I urge everyone to help the DPS Foundation to fulfill its mission of creating and enhancing educational opportunities for DPS students. I thank you for your past support and look forward to learning of even greater engagement of the metro community in the years ahead.


Leroy Richie