Most teen and young adults are influenced by technology. Technology is a great thing in today’s society. It makes everything at least 10x’s faster than doing it by hand or the traditional way. Although there is one big thing that comes with technology, that is Social Media. Since this has become popular, there has been a lot conflict and also a lot of benefits that come with of Social Media.

For example, Social Media has had a good impact by showing our generation a “short-cut” to the more difficult things we encounter daily. These “short-cuts” though may not be healthy for our generation or the next. One particular way in which Social Media and technology has a negative impact would be its role in schools. Students are more tempted to go to Google and type in a question and get the answer rather than using a book or notes to find the answer themselves. It is believed that in the long run, minds will be damaged and people will become incompetent without technology.

Despite the negative effect that comes out of technology and social media today, there are several advantages that are given. Technology makes everything much faster. Pressing send on a text message can send a text message hundreds of thousands miles away in just seconds. While 20+ years ago that wasn’t possible and you’d have to write things by hand and send it in the mail. Social Media can give quick access to friends you’ve lost contact with and gives you a chance to follow the lives of famous celebs and music artist.

With the changes in the world and the huge impact of Social Media will our generation become technology consumed? Will there be in class teachers? Will the world become a cyber circle? Or will the world stay at the same level of technology today?

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Ta’Mia Morrissette
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