Happy Flag Day! The Detroit Children’s Museum (DCM) has a wonderfully large collection of over  1,000 flags that are used to develop special curriculum for teachers and students in the District. In the DCM lending department,  there are 260 flags from around the world including  flags from the different continents such as “The Flags of Africa”, “The Flags of South America”, and “The Flags of Europe” that are used for educational purposes. Additionally, the museum also has 3 of the original Detroit City flags created in Detroit in 1950 which you can see by visiting the museum! 

The DCM impacts over 50,000 students annually through field trips to the museum, virtual field trips, lending kits to schools, outreach, book giveaways, summer programming, and family Saturday nights at the Museum. The staff at the DCM continues to provide students with opportunities and resources to meet their needs, explore their interests, and honor their identities – and we are so grateful to have such an asset for our students in the city! If you are interested in learning more or making a contribution to the Detroit Children’s Museum, click here.