This month, throughout Detroit, young people will begin a day as students and end that day as alumni.  When hearing their names called as they walk across a stage wearing cap and gown, they will fill their families with pride while feeling a sense of accomplishment.

Graduating high school is an accomplishment, especially in a city with a dropout rate that some estimate at 40 to 50 percent.  But, as implied by what we call the graduation ceremony – Commencement – graduation from high school should be the beginning of a commitment to lifelong learning.

As a Foundation, our focus is on pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade, to help students prepare for whatever their next step will be after completing their secondary education – a university, community college or a trade school.

To the newest alumni of Detroit Public Schools – congratulations, we are proud of you. We invite you to stay in contact with us to keep up with the successful educational programs that are happening inside of and outside DPS classrooms.

To help you stay connected, visit the new Alumni Giving and Development Program webpage at The webpage provides a go-to place for alumni to keep in touch with fellow alumni, obtain information on DPS programs and activities, and learn ways to support DPS.

The public school student experience lasts for 13 years but the alumni experience can last for a lifetime. We hope all of this year’s graduates will keep the connection strong and enjoy the next chapters of their journeys through education.