After a career in higher education and 15 years in Detroit, I have chosen to take on the role of President of this Foundation because I believe it is my best opportunity to provide to today’s students what was provided to me.

Growing up and throughout my experience in college, I attended great schools, with great teachers, leading to great opportunities.  My quality education was the deciding factor in my ability to lead the life I wanted and have had the privilege to enjoy. I want the students of Detroit to have the same opportunities in public school even if, like me, they don’t come from families that can afford a private education.

As I have learned as a Board Member for the Foundation, this is an organization that positively impacts thousands of student lives every school year. We have the potential to reach even more. With your support, we are able to fund successful programs to help students engage in their education in new ways, giving them opportunities to achieve.

In the coming months, I look forward to meeting more DPS Alumni and others who understand the power of public education in Detroit.  I plan to continue to be active and visible around Detroit and the Metro Area, now spreading the word about the opportunities this Foundation has for members of our community who want to make a difference.

Here’s a reminder that you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to contribute to our efforts.  Our annual appeal, encouraging you to Give Back To Detroit Schools, is underway now.

To take part in the campaign, just click: Annual Appeal