After completing my first full month as President of the DPS Foundation, I am so impressed with how members of our community are stepping forward to support education in Detroit.

Traditionally, the vast majority of philanthropic giving happens in the last few weeks of the year. But, since we launched our annual appeal, Give Back To Detroit Schools, to coincide with the start of the school year, supporters have broken from their routines and offered contributions earlier in the year than ever before.

I invite you to follow the lead of others who are making the Foundation an early priority in their annual charity giving. To take part in the campaign, just click:

As I am out in the community talking to those interested in education, I am finding that many DPS Alumni appreciate the opportunity to reconnect with their alma maters and get involved via the Foundation. Every week, we are hearing from alumni around Detroit, around Michigan and across the country who had previously been disconnected.  I invite you to join them on our alumni site at

It’s clear that there is wide interest in our community for supporting successful programs that benefit Detroit students inside and outside of the classroom. There is an understanding that these programs will benefit Detroit’s future.  I appreciate the opportunity to talk to so many who understand our mission and look forward to meeting many more in the coming weeks and months.