Last October, we announced that we had expanded the Foundation’s mission to include the support of successful programs that benefit students not only in DPS schools, but also in the State of Michigan’s new Educational Achievement Authority (EAA) and in the schools that DPS will convert to charter schools.

This month, the EAA announced which Detroit schools will now operate under its authority, rather than DPS.  They are Central High School, Denby High School, Ford High School, Mumford High School, Pershing High School and Southeastern High School. Also, nine elementary/middle schools will be transferred to the EAA: Phoenix, Scott, Trix, Stewart, Burns, Nolan, Bethune, Murphy and Law.

According to the Detroit Free Press, “The EAA intends to improve achievement by providing an 11-month school year, giving principals autonomy and flexibility, high-tech professional development and teacher evaluations, and individualized instruction for students.”

Our plans are to continue to support these students as we have in the past with support for music programs, chess competitions or support to attend science fairs.

We believe that it’s important for parents in Detroit to have options for their children. We also believe that an important part of our role is to support the programs that benefit these schools and their students as part of our larger mission.  These are schools that have a history in Detroit and we can all play a role in helping the students who attend them receive the best possible education.