At Ford’s Resource and Engagement Center on the eastside of Detroit, you’ll be greeted by a smiling and proud DPS alum face, Mr. Justin Kimpson. As the senior director of the center, Kimpson, he oversees operations, program management, partnership development and food mobile distribution to many DPSCD families. When he’s not being seen in his community, Kimpson is moving the agenda forward for Black men and boys everywhere as the national manager of the Ford Fund’s Men of Courage Program – created to promote and advance a positive narrative of black men through storytelling, education programs, and forums for community conversations. As national manager, Kimpson has watched ideas spring to life in the program, not only through the $5,000 Game Changer Awards for young black organizations making an impact, but through the Metro Area Barbershop Challenge and the annual Leadership Forum, in which Kimpson is in charge of coordinating this year in Detroit. Always encouraging innovation and new ideas, Kimpson explains to The Michigan Chronicle how his upbringing fuels the passion he brings to his job:

“I’m a product of not only Detroit Public Schools but also a graduate of an HBCU, Morehouse College. Through my matriculation, through grade school, up to college, I’ve always wondered what I would be, and as a kid, I guess you do that. I couldn’t think of a better position and place to be currently in my life than in this position, because every day I wake up thinking how I can push the needle for black men and boys. But I’m always thinking outside the box of different ways, who we can partner with? What’s the next collaboration? I’m always thinking about the next project or opportunity to really connect not only with the community, but really have an impact on people’s lives every day. We want to make sure that the type of programing that we’re bringing is sensitive to our communities, but also impactful where it has a collective impact and not just a one-day experience, but it lasts throughout the year.”

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