Friction, tension, hydraulic pressure and other scientific concepts were the focus of Education Day on Belle Isle this year. Approximately 700 DPS students participating in the PNC supported Grow Up Great and Fifth Gear initiatives traveled to Belle Isle to see Grand Prix race cars and to participate in a series of educationally focused activities.

Using cantaloupes to represent a human head, students saw the protective value of helmets as the cantaloupes were dropped on a hard surface with the helmet and without. They were able to use their own energy to pump water to raise a rubber duck in a tube. They created friction by rubbing different surfaces together. These and other demonstrations, related to cars and racing, served to reinforce concepts taught in the classroom.

We know that multiple teaching strategies are necessary to ensure that all students learn. Education Day at the Grand Prix presented an opportunity for multiple strategies to be highlighted. The day was a great success and all the planners, organizers, volunteers, and teachers are to be congratulated for making it so.