“I went to the Detroit Public Schools from Kindergarten through High School. It was a very positive experience. I was an immigrant from Budapest, Hungary when I and my twin brother came to America. While my dad knew English, my mom did not, so I struggled when I started school but that soon changed. I learned rapidly as we had very good teachers. I started at Fairbanks Elementary and graduated from Cooley High in 1955.

My excellent grades led to a Wayne State University scholarship, majoring in Math and learning about computers. When I graduated, I got a job at General Motors’ Research Lab in their Computer Science Dept and worked on their computer operating system which was very new software in 1959. Later I was promoted to Supervisor which was rare for females and worked 34 years until my retirement at 55 due to a heart attack. My husband and I both have Social Security and I have a nice pension thanks to my Detroit Public Schools and Wayne State education and GM job. I have volunteered for 57 years with the League of Women Voters, especially doing Voter Guides which help citizens learn about education support policies.

I support the DPS Foundation because I want to support children who go to school and I have been impressed with recent improvements at the District. I know that some families are struggling to make ends meet. I hope Detroit Schools can continue their efforts to improve support for students!
– Eva Packard”