The Detroit Public Schools Foundation is pleased to report $395,000 in grants for Cycle I in the 2015-2016 school year.  Awards are being made to:

AVANTI  Summer Music Program – Student Scholarships

Cass Technical High School – Arts Program

Chrysler Elementary – Chess Program

DAPCEP – Pre-k Science Program

Detroit Children’s Choir – One School Choir

Detroit Jazz Festival – Music Technology Lab

Detroit School of Arts – Vision Male Ensemble

DPS – All City High School Marching Band

DPS – Camp Burt Shurly

DPS – Early Childhood Program

DPS – Roy and Maureen Roberts Scholarship

DPS – Safe Routes to School

DPS – Summer Swim Program

Living Arts – Artist Residency

Matrix Theater Company – Theater Program in two DPS schools

Michigan Youth Appreciation Foundation – Metro Detroit Youth Day

Moses Field Center – iPads

Sphinx – Musical Encounters