As my tenure at the Foundation comes to an end, I find myself thinking about the many accomplishments we have achieved over the last three years.  Yet, I find myself thinking much more about the future, because the future is what we are all about.

We’re providing Detroit students with the kinds of opportunities and programs that make them want to go back to school each day and empowering them with what they need for a successful future throughout elementary, middle and high schools, hopefully through college.

I invite you to consider joining me in helping the Foundation grow its mission in Detroit by being a part of our annual campaign. This year, we’re calling it Give Back To Detroit Schools.

In previous years, we have launched our campaign at the end of calendar year. But this year, we are beginning our campaign in September because we want to help schools as much as possible during the academic year.

When thinking about whether to become part of this campaign, consider the words of Anton, a 12th grade student in Detroit.  He took part in a Foundation-funded robotics program:

“I was basically a juvenile delinquent headed nowhere in my life. Robotics gave me a purpose. My grades improved, my self esteem improved and I gained ambitions.”

We aren’t just raising funds–We’re positively impacting lives.  I will always cherish my time at the DPS Foundation because of the lives we’ve changed.

To take part in the campaign, just click: Annual Appeal