I want to thank you for your generous support during my transition into the role of President and CEO of The Detroit Public Schools Foundation.

The past four months — can you believe how quickly time has flown?! — have been filled with discovery. I’ve been listening, sharing, framing, and reimagining the space for the Foundation to grow, thrive, and be better positioned to support more students and families of the district. 

During this critical yet rewarding phase, we’re laying the groundwork as we redefine and rebuild the Foundation into a highly sustainable organization with an effective strategy. We’re excited for our new vision and purpose for the future, which we’ll announce soon.

Since I joined DPSF, I’ve dedicated my time to establishing relationships with district administration, visiting over fifteen K-12 schools, touring the facilities, and meeting with principals and staff to assess their needs, understand their challenges, and discover how the Foundation can play a much more robust role in supporting whole child development, student achievement, and resolving high absenteeism. And this is just the beginning: I plan on visiting every school in our district and incorporating their needs into our strategic plan, which aligns with Dr. Vitti’s vision for the district.

I’ve also had the wonderful opportunity to meet with over fifty of our supporters and was grateful to thank them for their support, share more about myself and my vision for DPSF, learn more about them and why they choose to support us, and discover how we can deepen our partnerships and collaboration.

While the days have been long, I am enjoying every second of it! But I know that I cannot do this work alone. This journey requires a team that is dedicated to excellence, efficiency, commitment, and tenacity. We’ve recently added three new, open positions at the Foundation, and we’re seeking talented, creative doers to work with me, my current team, and our Board of Directors who are excited about our future.

Looking forward,

Kerrie M. Mitchell
President and CEO