Camp Burt Shurly is a 240 acre lakefront property located in Gregory, Michigan, a few miles east of Chelsea, owned by Detroit Public Schools.  Camp Burt Shurly utilizes the camp setting to provide instruction to the children in reading, math, social studies, and science while concurrently exposing the children to the wonders of the outdoors.  Students can participate in the first-hand study of trees, plants, animals, bugs, aquatic wildlife and investigate water quality.  Even observing the stars in the night sky can be a new experience for many children attending camp. This type of learning environment can be extremely beneficial for the children as they learn more about the world around them and participate in meaningful self-confidence and team building activities, important elements of a well-designed overnight camp program combined with the cross-curricular integration of academics. Almost always, children attending Camp Burt Shurly go back to school with renewed enthusiasm to study and learn.

For the first time, Camp Burt Shurly is under new management by a highly respected “best practices” camp operator who is committed to providing the highest quality experience for these Detroit children. In order to ensure that Camp Burt Shurly is providing a “best practices camping experience”, we need additional donated funding now for the upcoming camping season to improve or add the following:

  • cabins
  • main lodge
  • bathrooms
  • beach front equipment
  • docks and boats
  • tree house
  • greenhouse
  • adventure/challenge equipment (low and high rope courses, climbing wall, zip lines).

Our fund raising goal for these immediate needs is $525,000.

Further, we are seeking additional donations totaling $4.5 million to create in the next two years a truly “best practices” year-round facility for campers and other organizations who will use the facilities for retreats, planning sessions, team building and other gatherings. Please help us now with your donation for these initiatives benefiting the children in Detroit.

To make a donation today please click on the link below: