One of the first grants that the Foundation awarded in the current academic year was to Bennett Elementary to purchase accelerator books. Attached is a note from one of the teachers whose students use the books. A message like this is the reason we do what we do.

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[fancy_box] Dear Detroit Public Schools Foundation,

My name is Neil J. Freitas and I teach 3rd grade at Bennett Elementary. Thank you for the class books. The children have been so excited about the new additions to our class library. They really enjoy TheĀ Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and Bad Kitty. The boys enjoy those books and the Unstoppable books.

Since we have received the new books I have had students take the books and hide them in the room so only they can read them when they finish their work. I thought I had a good selection of books for the class, but in my 17 years teaching, I have NEVER seen this kind of excitement over books.

I have one student who is tough to motivate to get him to do his work. Since we received these new books I have let him keep his favorite book on my desk (Nobody is allowed to get the book from my desk) and his is able to read it when he completes his work. In two weeks, all his assignments have been completed and he has read 3 books.

Thank you for helping me reenergize my class with these books. The books have brought the energy and excitement back to the classroom.


Neil J. Freitas[/fancy_box]