For all you pizza aficionados with hearts of gold, here’s a slice of goodness you won’t want to miss! Mootz Pizzeria on Library Street in the heart of downtown Detroit is lighting up National Pizza Month with a deeply moving mission: to rally support for the Detroit Public Schools Foundation. 

Throughout October, every time you savor a 14-inch pizza, Mootz will donate $1 to the Charles Drew Transition Center’s horticulture program. This extraordinary program is a lifeline for special education students, aged 18-26, arming them with vital workforce skills.

The magic doesn’t stop there! This program circles back and gives generously to our community by sharing its produce with the center’s own lunch program and local food pantries and restaurants throughout metro Detroit. 

So, why not dig into a slice or two and be a part of this incredible journey? It’s more than pizza; it’s a slice of hope and change, touching lives and lighting up our vibrant community.