With summer drawing to a close, and schools opening across the community, there is an excitement in the air that always comes with new beginnings. Parents are shopping for school clothes; businesses and organizations are hosting backpack and supply giveaways; buildings are being cleaned, classrooms organized, football games scheduled, and bands rehearsing. It is easy to catch the spirit of the season. 

At the same time that we are excited and begin each day with anticipation of good things happening, our emotions are tempered by the realities of the challenges that lie ahead. We know that our public education system is an investment in the community. We acknowledge the fact that education is the source of our intellectual capital. We encourage students to plan for post-secondary study. Yet, another reality is that our financial investment in public education has declined, and school systems across the state are struggling.

The decline in public support for public education is the reason for the creation of school foundations. We exist to help ensure that our students receive the education that they need and deserve. We help in providing options and opportunities. We contribute to the academic, physical, and emotional growth of students. However, we are only able to do so with the support of the public. We need your gifts. Please donate. Your gifts will help DPS students attain the knowledge and skills essential to their future competitiveness. Won’t you please help!