We are incredibly thankful that, through the generous support of Dr. Pernick, we recently awarded $45,000 in scholarships to three exceptional DPSCD students. 

The Pernick Prize focuses on excellence in Mathematics, Medicine, and Public Service, and highlights how the Foundation partners with community leaders to ensure that our students are prepared for the future. 

We presented $15,000 each to Siam Hossain, Cass Tech (Mathematics); Alexandra Soto, Western International (Medicine); and Tanya Brown, Renaissance (Public Service). 

Each of these students have exhibited outstanding achievement in their chosen fields, and can use the prize to further their educational pursuits or work in their respective fields. 

Dr. Pernick’s generosity and dedication to Detroit’s youth is inspirational, and we’d love to work with others who would like to make a similar difference. Please contact us if you’re interested in partnering with us!