Last month the DPS Foundation launched a project entitled 100 Alumni Who Care. This idea emerged from a group of DPS alumni who have joined our Alumni Advisory Board. They are individuals from a variety of schools, with differing backgrounds, but a common interest in supporting the current students in DPS. It is very exciting to report that more than 30 alums have signed up within the first month to give $100 toward a program area that the group will select, toward making a difference in the schools. Our expectation is that we will meet the goal of 100 alumni engaged in this effort by the time that they will come together on March 23. If you would like to join in this effort, please go to our website and sign up.

One alum who continues to show that she cares is Kenya Moore. Her success on Celebrity Apprentice has resulted in a second gift to the Foundation of $20,000. While most of us cannot do what she does, we can all show that we care by supporting the students who will be tomorrow’s educators, doctors, mothers, lawyers, engineers, fathers, accountants, and any other professional activity that they aspire to. We can make it happen for them, and for us.