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What can be more motivating for a student to do well in school than the promise of a scholarship to continue their education. That promise has been made to DPS students for the past five years by an independent organization entitled Detroit College Promise. Under this model, every DPS graduate who is accepted to, and attends, a Michigan college or university is promised some level of financial support. The amount varies, depending upon the funds available, however, every student that applies receives something.

We are pleased to report that the Detroit College Promise will become an activity of the DPS Foundation, effective this month. We welcome the opportunity to carry on the work of Dr. Nat Pernick and his staff. We encourage your support of this scholarship program, and ask that you stay tuned for further information.

Since its inception the Detroit College Promise has made awards to more than 500 DPS graduates. These students are studying in our higher education institutions across the state. They are our future teachers, lawyers, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. They are the ones who will participate in the continuing revitalization of the city. They deserve our support.